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Regional Delegate Blog

SW Quadrant CAR Workshop to be hosted in THE Lewis Co Area!

SW Quad C.A.R Workshop


Quadrant CAR Workshop Update

This is updated info on the upcoming CAR workshops which are scheduled in the region's quadrants:

NE Quadrant:  Northeast Area of NA:  to be held in Spokane on SUNDAY, Dec13.
SE Quadrant:  Blue Mtn Area:  to be held in Walla Walla on SATURDAY, Jan16.
SW Quadrant:  THE Lewis County Area:  to be held in Chehalis on SUNDAY, Jan17,
at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. 
NW Quadrant:  Seattle Area is still waiting to book w/ their chosen facility but cannot until December, yet their
hopeful date is SUNDAY, Jan10.

(More Will Be Revealed) as soon as I hear anything as to venue & time of day bookings...!

Bonner S, Regional Delegate

The Conference Agenda Report for WSC2016 has been released...

Just an update that the WSC2016 CAR has been released and available to download at www.NA.org/Conference, using the username:  wsc2016 & the password:  CP2016

This is the link to the 2016 CAR.  Copy & Paste it to your browser if it won't connect: 

In Loving Service:
Bonner S, Regional Delegate

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