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RD Report Apr2016


NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS           April 2016

Regional Delegate Quarterly Report                      

   Washington Northern Idaho Region

Dear Chosen Family:

Well lots has transpired to get us to this point just two weeks shy of the 2016 World Service Conference.   With the release of the Conference Agenda Report last November so began your RD team’s unwavering pursuit of presenting it to the four corners of the Region to garner our collective conscience to take to the WSC. We presented the CAR to each quadrant in our region starting mid-December and finishing late January as well as to this body last quarter.   After a few weeks’ hiatus we did it again at Clean & Free last March in a four-hour workshop Friday afternoon, followed by presenting the Conference Approval Track in a workshop Saturday morning. George & I sneakily entitled the CAT workshop “World Service Conference-Your Voice Is Heard!” in the hopes of not scaring away would be attendees. We ended with a 90min session that afternoon playing Jeopardy® loaded with CAR questions & answers. Leave it to C&E Chair, Jack H, to be on the winning team, yet the Final Jeopardy answer did stump all three teams! Knowing the past attendance at C&F RD workshops, we were happy with the 15 for the CAR, then 30 each for the other two workshops.

George & I traveled to South San Francisco the last weekend of January for the Western States Zonal Forum where RD teams from its member 13 regions gathered. There, after, much discussion we approved a new mission & vision statement for our zonal forum. We also had the CAR & CAT presented to us by NAWS staff, Travis K, & WB member Mark H all day that Saturday.   It was a productive weekend that prepped us for the upcoming Conference Cycle physically, mentally, & spiritually by hanging with fellow RD teams! We both feel grateful to have been part of it.

I submitted our Regional Report to NAWS on time back in mid-February complete with all of our region’s pertinent info. Our region’s weekly meetings have grown by more than ninety new ones in the last Conference Cycle to 882! We live in a vibrant region of NA that continues to be a leader in monetary contributions to NAWS. Kudos to all of you in service to this supportive fellowship that continue to make all this possible.

The World Board held their second of two Pre-WSC webinars on Mar5 in preparation for it. It was informative & thrilling to be participating with RD teams from around the world.  

The Literature/Service Material/Issue Discussion Topic Survey was originally due to NAWS March 15, yet they postponed its reception to them until April 1 to insure as many responses as possible. We had about half or our areas respond to George. He submitted them to NAWS on Mar31.

The Conference Report is a resource released usually 4weeks out from WSC, compiled not only of all the region’s reports but also with probable NB proposals at WSC in the hopes of garnering more discussion about them and a preliminary WSC schedule. Pursuant to last July’s RD Time discussion about possible proposals forwarded by our region, I included in the Report our desire to amend the Living Clean: The Journey Continues by updating it with a subject / spiritual principle index.   Last July we also discussed the viability of instructing the World Board, NAWS, & the WSC to conduct inventories not unlike Home Groups, Areas, Regions, & other service bodies do, yet that idea did not move forward, if I remember correctly? Is that correct?

I also submitted in the Conference Report yet another idea for a regional proposal during NB at WSC that I did not have the time to bring to RSC beforehand.   Your RD Alternate & RSC Chair both support this proposal.   I submitted it in the Report in hopes of it being discussed prior to NB late in the week of WSC, yet will not propose it during NB without RSC approval this weekend. I will present that proposal on the floor this weekend. More will be revealed.

This upcoming Conference Cycle has been exhilarating for both George & I. After gathering our collective conscience on the CAR motions, we will both be ready for WSC2016! Thank you for your continued support of us from Kia K’s unflappable attention to detail as C&F Programming Chair & to the hosting Areas & RCMS of the quadrant CAR workshops and for your efforts in helping us meet all of our deadlines. We won’t let you down!

As ever we remain at your disposal for any question or query that you might have of us

In Loving Service:

Bonner S, RD                               This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                             

George B-H, RDA                      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PS: DON’T FORGET TO TUNE INTO THE RD BLOG ON OUR WEBSITE FOR DAILY UPDATES FROM THE WSC:  APR23-30! It’s the next best thing to being in the gallery there!

PPS: Save the date! Saturday, May21, 2016, WNIRCNA, Pasco Red Lion Inn for our WSC follow-up workshop were we will present all what went down there at WSC!


Regional Delegate Team Workshops @ Clean & Free 2016!

Hello Family!:

George, your RDA & I, your RD, will be presenting 3 workshops at the Clean & Free 2016 convention in Ocean Shores this upcoming weekend.

First up:     FRIDAY, Mar11, 1:30-5:30pm- We will present the last Conference Agenda Report (CAR) workshop of this World Service Conference cycle.

    SATURDAY, Mar12, 11am-12:30pm -  WSC (World Service Conference)-Your Voice Is Heard!  A run down of all items that will be voted on at the WSC.

    SATURDAY, Mar12, 1:30-3pm -  Come play the game of Jeopardy® based upon the CAR & WSC.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning team of five contestants!

ALL workshops will be held in the Tide Room at the Ocean Shores Convention Center!

Come out, learn about the WSC!  Support yer RD Team!  These will be our last workshops until WNIRCNA in late May.


Bonner S, RD

George B-H, RDA


Upcoming Service System Project webinar hosted by NAWS...

This is an email sent from Nick E, who is spear-heading the NAWS webinar on Mar4.  ANY/ALL interested folk should contact him to register...


Bonner S, RD

Hello everyone – We are emailing today to let you know that we have tentatively scheduled another web meeting for communities that are already trying or who are interested in trying some of the ideas that have come out of the service system project. As with the last meeting it is not intended to be an introduction to the ideas, but more of a conversation about how to take the ideas off the drawing board and into practice. The proposed date and time are March 4 at 3pm PST.

We have two communities that are willing to participate by sharing their experience and would like to include a third. If your community has some experience with implementing ideas from the project and you would be able to join us for the meeting please let us know.  We are happy to provide any assistance you may need in presenting your information.

As before we will be utilizing Adobe Connect for the meeting and will send out another email with instructions nearer the time.

We realize that the proposed timeslot won’t work for everyone so if you have any ideas for a more convenient time please let us know and we will try and accommodate you in future meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to your participation in the upcoming web meeting.
With all good wishes,



NA World Services

818 773 9999 ext 155

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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