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Regional Delegate Blog

WSC RD blog Day4: Apr27

World Service Conference

Regional Delegate Blog

Day4: Apr27, 2016

Being a bit more rested this morning proved to be a great thing today. Since one entire day was eliminated and we have a very full schedule we were playing catch up. More will be revealed about Thursday’s schedule. We first met in the risers for the first of hopefully three entire sessions devoted to the Future of the WSC. World Board member Mary B started the presentation.


WSC Regional Delegate Blog Day3

Regional Delegate World Conference Blog

Day3: April26, 2016

The day started at 9am sharp with most of the Delegate teams & Conference Participants dragging their tootsies from the long night before. We moved straight into Formal Old Business which should have taken 1 1/2hrs (Formal OB in 2014) but several motions hadnt been dispensed with the day prior yet in Old Business Discussion. So we slogged through them all UNTIL 5:30pm. We missed the entire day of planned presentations/workshops today due to not completing Formal OB on Monday. We were able to have our Human Resource Panel Report tonight after supper.


WSC Day2 !

WSC Regional Delegate Blog

World Service Conference

Apr25, 2016: Day2

Aye yi yi, this day has been l-o-o-o-o-n-g what with being in Old Business Discussion starting @ 9am. We just literally started our 11th hour of deliberation a few minutes ago @ 8:30pm after a break for supper.


Day One of WSC2016!!

Dear chosen family:

The first day of WSC has come & gone.  Our first session yesterday morning was entitled, "First Things First", which introduced all  World Board members & gave us all an introductory look into what to expect this Conference.  Next 90min session introduced our new electronic voting devices(!) & how to use them!  That afternoon we gathered in small work groups to review the "Needs of NA" mind-map that was developed @ WSC2014, where we offered additions, omissions, & revisions to it.  The rest of WSC will build upon the work from each prior session.


CAR - Regional Conscience / WSC

Dear Chosen Family:

Below, please see how our RCM's voted Sturdy, pr9 to form our Regional Conscience to take to the World Service Conference this upcoming pr23-30.  Personally I am busting with pride to the extremely high number of participating res in our CR Conscience, up from 50% participation lst cycle to 95% this year.  wow.  I applaud all of your individual & collective efforts to bring together such high turn-out!

Your Regional Delegate tem will be in Los Angeles for the WSC pr23-30 which happens to the Wrner Center Marriott Woodland Hills. Plan to be in the L re & wnn check out the WSC?  There is spectator gallery on site with full /V presentations to follow the goings on.  Not gonna be in SoCal that week but have need to know? Â Then check into our RD blog here on this website, which will be updated daily.

Finally, your RD team will be presenting follow-up workshop on the WSC t WNIRCNxxxi, St, My21 t the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA! We hope to see you there!

We both remain committed to representing WNIR effectively, thoroughly, & efficiently. We will try to answer any email or voice mail in timely manner from you, our constituency, but please bare in mind that the week seldom affords much free time at all, so don't get bent outta shape if we cannot respond that week.

In loving service:
Bonner S, RD
George B-H, RD



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