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WSC RD Blog Day5: Apr28

World Service Conference 2016

Regional Delegate Blog

Day5: April28, 2016

Day started at 9am in Break-Out Sessions where your RD & AD (RDA) were separated into different rooms. We focused first on Round2 of the Future of WSC. We sat in the section corresponding with our answer on Wednesday: No change? Zonal Seating? A change other than Zonal Representation?   I sat in Zonal Seating. We listed different ideas on how to move forward. The most popular one at my table was to use existing Zones for delegates at WSC, but divide the US into 4 zonal forums: NE/NW/SW/SE. Each Zone would have 5 delegates to the WSC. This would take regional splits/new regions into account and not have them affect the outcome. We then took sticky dots and placed them on our individual favorites. I voted for that one & another one created 7-10zones world-wide with delegates assigned per meeting population within the individual zonal forums.


That meeting ran about 15minutes longer than the 90minutes planned. Our between session break was cut short to start the next one Fellowship Development & Public Relations on time. This session was in the risers. Some notes from it:

Public Relations and Fellowship Development:

Basic Text is available in 29 Languages
New: Danish, Icelandic, Portuguese, Brazil, and Thai
IP# 1 is available in 49 languages
New: Amharic, Estonian, Kannada, and Ukrainian

Ukraine has been on fire and has 6 new IP’s
In 2015 the BT is 242, 789 English, 133218, Farsi, 20247 Portuguese,
67,000 meetings worldwide
NA 64% growing, 2% shrinking, 34% staying the same

Communication, connection, and collaboration it is what needed for effective FD
The better we are known by the public, the more likely recovering addicts are to find us

We are all part of Fellowship Development

We participated in the national Drug Court convention which is by far the biggest growing organization of its kind
Reaching Out
E-subs 13379
Paper subs: 12807
Just celebrated 30 years

It took Japan 30 years to get into institutions they have a publication called Message of Love

Japan and Brazil translate Reaching Out

We are at the American Society Addiction Medicine
80% of the doctors wanted up to change from total abstinence and we said no, and they said we will send them to AA, and now AA is pushing back
The plus were we were invited to the 12 Step committee meeting for the first time

International Federation Non-Government Office –They are now considering treatment for drug addicts finally

We met 2 doctors in Vietnam in Japan and they asked if we could come over. We had meetings and learned the culture. They don’t let addicts congregate, but they are trying to stem an IV epidemic. There is a NA meeting? At Methadone Clinic. Many are getting drug free, and many are on methadone. We translated some literature into Vietnamese to get them started and plan follow up visit,

PR Fellowship events

Events in Chile, Tanzania, Illinois, Ukraine, South Africa, St Louis, Missouri, Connecticut, Free State Region, Oklahoma
Cooperation with governments really important especially outside the USA
Putting helpline number at ATM’s are effective
If you do a professional day you want to be able to hand out Continuing Education Training

2015 Membership Survey

41% female 59% male
Over 60-14%
51-60 29%
41-50 24%
31-40 21%
21-30 11%
Under 21 1%

Opiates are 1 drugs of choice

Relapse 62% no 38% yes

Years Drug Free
Less than a year 8%
1-5 years 27%
6-10 18%
11-15 12%
16-20 10%
20+ 25%

NAWS is committed to ongoing FD relationship with developing communities including Africa, Russia, India, and the Middle East

The worldwide workshops in Russia a few years ago have spurned unbelievable growth

Countries are doing much more FD themselves.

We all have a role in FD

We have found that attending Service Symposiums are very helpful and learning for all.

Neighboring communities have a big role in FD, an example is Cuba

Brazil has gone from 1 region to 9

If you still have your visa the Brazilian Convention is in a couple weeks

200 people showed up for a NAWS workshop in Bangladesh, lots of work on collaboration, translations, getting more meetings, literature, and much more

When Nepal does the 7th tradition they touch the head, the lips, and the heart in respect for.

When I go to the Middle East as woman from the US, I realize I have no problems.
They have to go to drastic steps to get women in meetings.

It’s inspirational and sad all at the same time.

25 years of NA in Russia

Social Media big topic in Russia
They have a virtual service committee
The have a Russian meeting in South Florida, Chicago, and New York
The European Delegate Meeting has 30 regions not seated.

When they had their Learning Days they has 100 people waiting at the door to get in.

The African Zonal Forum has had a hard time getting going.

NAWS used to fund all the Zonal Forums outside the US, but not anymore, but they do fund the African Zonal Forum.

South Africa has a great fellowship, but they can’t fund the whole continent.
NAWS will be carrying the first native language BT there in 2 weeks
There have been people flooding this area with Baby Blue, and 2nd edition BT’s in this area and has caused many problems including that they were translated badly. They have asked them to stop

It’s sad that that we have taken our petty battles over to emerging communities that really have no idea what the message is.

During lunch the LGBT & A contingency of the Conference Participants met across the street at PF Chang’s. Eighteen of us showed up. Good times ensued for the 90min lunch break.

Next up: ELECTIONS at 2:15. We voted on World Board members, Human Resource Panel members, & future WSC Co-Facilitators. Our C&E chair Jack H, was nominated by our region & the WB for an open position. He was elected to a six year term! CONGRATULATIONS, Jack! We know that it you give a fraction of all that you’ve given to RSC service that you’re gonna be awesome! MWBR as to the other elections results.

We then discussed the budget for an hour until 4:30. Then we broke out again into our previous break-out rooms for another session on FIPT & NA Literature. Some highlighted notes from it:

FIPT Discussion

NAWS Efforts
Look Ahead Together

Illicit Texts: Ideas on what we could do to stop this? I suggested a NAWS Rapid Response Team dedicated to quickly respond to questions/issues involving FIPT violations. Taking legal action against those producing/manufacturing illicit literature was another suggestion.

Registering groups at NAWS that use non NA approved literature? This received about 75% support during Wednseday’s session. Ideas on how to go about this were produced.

And finally we discussed whether or not to have NA websites that post .pdf versions of literature for free on them shut down as a last resort to make them comply with copyright law.

During the 90minute supper break, I made a run to the local Rite-Aid for cold medication, where I ran into Franney & former WB member & new HRP member, Jim B who were buying the same thing. Apparently there’s a cold bug going around. I then retired to my room to eat left-over lasagna from two nights before. Ahhhh. Talk about comfort food.

The final session of the day started at 8pm in Breakout Sessions on the Future of WSC Round3! We focused on how to frame the ideas from this morning’s session so that RD teams can hopefully bring them back to regions where they can be easily discussed by the local Fellowship. We answered questions of “How to best come to consensus?”, “What must we ask our local Fellowship about the future of the WSC?”, and finally “How to frame discussion to make it easily understood by the Fellowship back home?”

We let out at 9:30pm but Lisa C, the RD from Pacific Cascade Region AKA Oregon proposed a late night discussion group of RD teams to go over the long list of New Business proposals and hopefully dispense with some and figure out how we want to address them during New Business Discussion & Formal New Business all day Friday. We were able to dispense w/ several similar proposals and discussion ensued on how to proceed with about 5other of the 60-some proposals to be discussed. Aye yi yi. MWBR.

Good night & blessings all!

Bonner S, RD

George B-H, RDA


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