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Quadrant CAR Workshop Update

This is updated info on the upcoming CAR workshops which are scheduled in the region's quadrants:

NE Quadrant:  Northeast Area of NA:  to be held in Spokane on SUNDAY, Dec13.
SE Quadrant:  Blue Mtn Area:  to be held in Walla Walla on SATURDAY, Jan16.
SW Quadrant:  THE Lewis County Area:  to be held in Chehalis on SUNDAY, Jan17,
at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. 
NW Quadrant:  Seattle Area is still waiting to book w/ their chosen facility but cannot until December, yet their
hopeful date is SUNDAY, Jan10.

(More Will Be Revealed) as soon as I hear anything as to venue & time of day bookings...!

Bonner S, Regional Delegate

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