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2nd Qtr Regional Delegate Report April 2017


Regional Delegate Quarterly Report

Washington Northern Idaho Region

Dear Family:

It has been a busy quarter for the RD team. The following are the bulleted items for this report:

>Expenses for Regional Delegate and Alternate Delegate this past quarter

>NAWS Work Plan Project Updates – these are to familiarize members with what’s being done in World Service and ways to be involved should members from your area chose to get involved.

>Report from Western States Zonal Forum Feb 23-26th

>RD Team hosts History Presentations at Clean and Free March 10 – 11th

>RD conducted 3 newcomer workshops at Clean and Free

>Clean and Free PR issues and the Need for Discussion around Behavior Affecting NA

>Conference Participants Webinars January 28th and March 18th

>RD assisted South Puget Sound Area with an Inventory March 25th along with Jeff H from NWWSC

>RD visited SPSASC, TCASC and plans on the remaining ASCs in the last quarter of his term

>RD conducted IDT workshops in WPSA Feb 19th

>Upcoming Election for Alternate Delegate and suggestion/motion for future term of the Delegates

Expenses of the Regional Delegate Team Total=$1,514.15+misc:

Alternate Delegate check request of $613.36+misc

WSZF – Phoenix flight (289.20), ½ hotel (170.20), Transport to SEA(24.90) from (32.57) = $516.87

Clean and Free – Hotel (60.93), gas 254 miles (35.56) = 96.49

Misc. expenses for gas, hotel and copies for RSC not included in this report

Regional Delegate Expense Report = $900.79+misc:

WSZF – Phoenix flight ($224.40), ½ hotel ($210.96), Food expense ($149.71), Transport to and from SeaTac ($41.10) = $626.17

 Hotel in Clean and Free = ($95)

Gas Travel – Ocean Shores, SPSASC(x2), Tri-Cities ASC, other ASC travel = $179.62

Misc. expenses for gas, hotel and copies for ASC Inventories not included in this report

The following are bulleted items from the January 2017 NAWS News publication:

2016  2018 NAWS Work Plan Project Updates:

> Recovery Literature: Input is being sought on an IP on recovery and mental health/mental

illness (www.na.org/mhmi) and a daily meditation project (www.na.org/meditationbook). Input

deadline is 1 June 2017.

> Conventions and Events Tools: All experienced or interested members are asked to assist in

developing this resource. Submit your name to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and attend the first web

meeting 4 February 2017, 2:00 pm (PST). Updates will be posted to www.na.org/conventions.

> Local Service Toolbox: There is a survey to prioritize tools at www.na.org/toolbox, and

members interested in participating can submit their names at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The first web

meeting, which covered CBDM, was held 17 January 2017.

> Collaboration in Service: This will initially focus on collaborating with regional delegates in the

NAWS strategic planning process. Questions to ask delegates to gather input for the environmental

scan have been sent out, with a deadline of 30 April 2017 for responses.

> Future of the WSC: Discussions this cycle will focus on WSC processes, use of the time between

Conferences, and the future of seating. A report for ideas about WSC processes will be out in the

near future. A virtual seating workgroup will be formed again this cycle. Interested delegates are

encouraged to contact us.

> Fellowship Development and Public Relations: We are beginning this project by talking with

zones about ideas to improve our PR efforts. Please let us know if you have a zonal contact at

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

> Social Media as a PR Tool: We are continuing to investigate the use of social media by other

non-profits and twelve-step programs. Initial research did not yield much of an NA PR presence.

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have experience with this.

> Issue Discussion Topics: Material for this cycle’s IDTs is available online at www.na.org/idt.

> Delegates Sharing Workgroup: We are currently contacting workgroup members and the first

meeting will be in the next few months. Email session ideas to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Your RD team was in Phoenix, AZ on Feb 23-26 for the Western States Zonal Forum. The Western

States Zonal Forum is a service-oriented sharing session that joins the regions of the Western States Zone to

collectively share our service challenges and share our solutions to challenges through annual meetings and

ongoing communication. The Forum provides training opportunities to benefit zonal and local members and

their service bodies. The interaction and collaborative exchange with NAWS and the World Board serves our

body and helps us prepare for the WSC and supports Fellowship development.

The agenda for the weekend was as follows: California Collaboration Meeting (Bonner Attended), Regional

Reports, Workgroup discussion, What’s working with the Zone and what needs to be changed, Planning

Sessions 1) Lack of Trusted Servants, Scanning and Planning, and work groups, Future of the WSC Project

and WSC Processes with future of seating, NAWS Update and Open Discussion, Zonal Timeline and Wrap

Up, Workgroup Changes, guidelines and 2018 WSZF Bid.

Several items were of note to report back to the Region. First and foremost, we have been asked to bring

back to all 13 regions the question of creating an administrative body for the Zone with some nominal

fund flow. In the past, it has been stated that the Zone does not participate in the delivery of services and

thus does not need fund flow. However, with the mission statement above about training and collaboration

this is the provision of “services” and there does need to be some coordination in the delivery of this service.

It is not efficient or effective to continue to operate the manner in which it currently is due to turn over in

RDs and other service members. It will be our intention to take a pulse via straw poll from the Areas in our

region to address how WNIR feels about adding the zone to the fund flow and also in the future the

possibility of using the zone as representation at WSC (although this is NOT currently a proposal). It is

important not that the RD team has some yea or nay vote but that we know how the Region “feels” should

the vote come up in the future.

The future of the World Service Conference was reported on and without going into an exhaustive report

about what may or may not be changing, it was clear that the World Board truly listened to the Conference

last year with regard to how we made decisions and how inefficient the process was. George reported how

ridiculous that process had become after he and Bonner got back from WSC. The WB is suggesting changes

that would do away with a second formal parliamentary process and take the final consensus vote as the final

vote (thank HP). Even the most contentious members of the conference are saying thank you thank you

thank you. This will make for a more deliberative and collaborative conference where we move to set the

tone for the future of NA globally.

The next zonal forum will be held in Fairbanks Alaska next January. Yes, you heard that correctly, January in

Fairbanks. This will be the opportunity for Regions to come together and share what they have learned from

their members so far about the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) and Conference Approval Track (CAT) by

then. WNIR were leaders last cycle with how much input we had gathered already and other regions are

going to follow that example for next year.

Finally, one piece of housekeeping came to the table at the Zonal Forum about our Region’s election cycle

for AD. Currently, we elect in July (We believe) because the Zonal Forum used to meet in July. What this

means is that the new AD will get elected and do little until the CAR report comes out in November 25th. I

believe that NOT THIS but next cycle we should adjust the cycle to elect in January and the new incoming

AD will be able to attend the Zone as a new AD and then have the rest of the year to get up to speed before

the CAR comes out and then attend another zone meeting before their first conference. This is crucial to feel

comfortable at the conference. The outgoing RD will be able to assist with Clean and Free and WNIRCNA

workshops but this change in cycle will allow for increased mentorship looking ahead to the next conference.

Mar9-12 was Clean & Free 2017! The Host Committee invited Boyd & Chris both from N.Carolina to

present their excellent & painstakingly well-researched workshops on the Early History of NA as well as the

History of the Basic Text at C&F in lieu of our regular RD workshops there. The feedback from attendees

was “over the moon” and “Best Workshop Ever”. We were very excited to hear such response. It would be

great to make sure that this workshop is available again in the future. For everyone’s information about cost

to have this workshop it is airfare and hotel for one or both of the presenters, it would also be good to

include registration for them as well. Seattle International Convention 2018 is considering bringing one or

both of them out for the History of the Traditions workshop next July.

The RD also conducted three New Comer workshops at Clean and Free as adapted from Northern

California workshop for conventions. These were also a big success.

I am sure that this will not be the only report about NA behavior and its effect on the community of Ocean

Shores, however, the RD team was included on a string of emails that detailed some individual members’

behavior at Clean and Free that does not put our fellowship in a good light. We believe that one way to deal

with this is to develop some local tools that can be used to educate members about appropriate behavior and

Public Relations and what it means to us to be “responsible, productive members of society.” It is also

believed that “behavior” of some nature will be one of the selections in the upcoming CAR for Issue

Discussion Topics. If it truly is a problem globally we will see that IDT selected by consensus. In the

meantime, we can be proactive.

Bonner was able to be a participant on three Conference Participants Webinars January 28th, March 18th

and April 8th. These had 50-100 participants from the conference and is a great way to do strategic planning

between conferences. George was unable to attend due to work and/or vacation plans. The reports from the

Webinars will be available soon from the small group work. These were mostly about the Future of the WSC

and the most efficient use of Conference time for strategic planning.

The RSC Inventory will take place at the July RSC.  Dave T, RD of the San Diego Imperial Region has agreed

to come up and facilitate this inventory. We will put in a money motion for his Airfare from LA and he should

be able to room with the RD in his hotel room.

The turn-over of the RD position to our Alternate Delegate occurs during July RSC, which means that our

next AD will be voted in then. So far, Jeff H. and Theo M. have identified themselves as interested in taking

on this huge responsibility. They are both incredibly qualified and we would be very fortunate to have either

of them represent us at the WSC. We have included them as participants in ASC inventories & also for the

upcoming WNIRCNA RD workshops as they are available to promote mentorship/training of the RD team

positions. Jeff was available to help with the SPSASC Inventory and lent invaluable assistance for it. They

are both present this weekend, please take the time to ask them any questions you would like about running

for AD. Anyone interested in being nominated for this time consuming yet exciting & fulfilling service

position is encouraged to contact either Bonner or George. Refer to Article XIII, Sec5-6 in our RSC

guidelines for those position’s Duties & Qualifications.

Bonner as stated above conducted the SPSASC inventory down in Olympia on Mar25. The inventory was

based upon our new Guiding Principles book from where the inventory questions were lifted. To the best of

my knowledge, this was the first ever inventory, ASC or otherwise, conducted using Guiding Principles

Fellowship-wide. Jeff H drove down from NWWSC to assist me with it. I could not have done it without

him. Love & hugs to Jeff! More will be revealed as to the effectiveness of that inventoryâ€Ãƒ‚¦

Bonner will be available to conduct ASC inventories and/or IDT workshops until the July RSC. He plans to

visit the NPHASC, GCLASC, SKCASC, & CWASC before then, as well, as a hint for Eastern Washington

Areas wanting these services conducted for them before Jul14. He also will be doing the Atmosphere of

Recovery in Service IDT at a Central Washington Area event here in Ellensburg on Saturday May6.

As ever, Bonner and George remain at your disposals for any questions of us regarding RSC or NAWS. We

also make ourselves available to conduct ASC inventories. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!

In loving service:

Bonner S, RD George B-H, AD

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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