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FINAL DAY of WSC RD blog, Apr30, 2016

World Service Conference

Regional Delegate Blog

Dy7: pr30, 2016

Last day of the Conference started t 10m, which was much needed since we broke after 1m earlier that day. We met in the risers for our “Moving forward” session which took just under 3hrs to present and encompasses how we’re going to do just that: move forward to 2018 and beyond. N is not unlike very big and slow moving ocean liner that requires lots time to turn it.

We were presented with all the results of the FIPT Post-It‚® in 3pg print-out, with all Conference Participant input marked on them and noted with how many times it was chosen by CP.‚ ‚  The results were broken down into Illicit Text: What more can NWS do? And further into subsections of:

  >Educate & Inform 147

  >Dialogue/mediation 53

  >Legal action 51

  >Other 42

Then the category Registering Groups Using Illicit Literature? Which broke into these subsets:

  >Educate/clarify/inform: 131

  >Don't Register/remove: 104

  >Revise Literature/Crete New Literature: 58

  >Register: 20

  >Other: 14

We straw polled whether to continue using current N literature in our meetings. 71Y/39N/6bs/5PNV

We then straw polled whether former editions of approved Basic Text different from the illicit literature being circulated? 93Y*/12N/7bs/6PNV

Lastly was SC/RSC websites and what to do with ones that post free literature in .pdf form on them:

  >ask first then take further action: 131

  >Educate/inform: 103

  >ask, but don't take action that might remove meeting info: 25

  >Work with other local service bodies: 27

  >Other: 46

We then straw polled whether or not we want n additional official FIPT statement from WSC2016?‚ ‚ 

‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  ‚ ‚ ‚ 79Y*/40N/0bs/0PNV

We then straw polled the future of the Conference Participant Discussion Board since it was proved to continue during New Biz: whether or not to continue with it closed to CP's only? 75Y/27N/6bs/9PNV*

Next up were the Issue Discussion Topics from our Literature Survey taken during the CR process with:

  >€atmosphere of recovery in service¢€ receiving the most 24.3% from regions & 14.6% from individuals.

  >€applying our principles to technology & social media¢€ received 19.5% from regions & 15.7% from individuals.

  >How to use Guiding Principles (covering any tradition) received 11.9% regionally & 9.7% individually.

So it would appear that we have our next set of IDT's¢€¦cannot wait to workshop these!

List of possible Workgroups formed by the World Board for this Conference Cycle was projected on the screen:

  >WSC Seating

  >Delegate Sharing

  >Service Tools for group, re, & events: focus & scopes to be determined

  >Future of WSC



  >Use of time between WSC's

Anyone interested in serving on workgroup is encouraged to email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and also fill out World Pool Info Form  www.N.org's well.

We then broke for our closing lunch where we were presented with certificates for participating in WSC2016.

But the fun wasn’t over just yet! There were 7proposls yet to be dispensed with from earlier yesterday morning. We met back in the risers t 2:30pm to do just that. We took straw poll to see how to dispense with the proposals:

  >Do nothing (Call it day and the end of WSC2016): 6

  >Relaunch each proposal with full discussion: 46*

  >Straw Poll each proposal only. NO DISCUSSION: 59

So we red each remaining proposal and took one straw poll to indicate support for it or not:

  Z: We suggest to develop multilingual service network which would reflect our core service structure.

INTENT: We feel this network would be practical service id that helps to improve our communications, establish better connections with remote groups and regions and make our worldwide fellowship more accessible. MKER: Western Russia Region. 67Y*/35N/5bs/8PNV Support.

  Q: That the 2nd bullet of Our Vision Statement-Every Member inspired by the gift of recovery, experiences spiritual growth and fulfillment through service ¢€“ which encompasses among other things, the topic of atmosphere of Recovery in N service be adopted s one of the IDT for this coming cycle. INTENT: To create prioritized IDT on service & spiritual growth. MKER: Quebec Region. It was determined that since the winning IDT was atmosphere of recovery in service that this should be included long with it.

  BH: Begin dialog among seated regions regarding how nominations should be made for election to the World Board through the 2016-2018 cycle. INTENT: To begin discussion to continue throughout the cycle until 2018. MKER: California Mid-State Region. 44Y/61N*/8bs/3PNV: NOT in support.

  J: Fellowship IDT's will be selected based on the following process: By ug1 following the WSC, NWS will create section on N.org for IDT submissions. Any member, group, re, region or zone will be able to add n item to the poll. Beginning Feb1 in the year before WSC the process of voting on the poll will start. any member, group, re, region, or zone will be able to vote on the choices in the poll. The poll will close on the final day s set by the GTWSN for regional motion submissions. The top six IDT's in the poll will be placed in the CR and voted on in OB @ WSC w/ the top three being the IDT's for that next conference cycle. INTENT: to have more direct & specifically defined fellowship involvement in the creation & selection of Fellowship IDT's. MKER: South Florid Region. 59Y*/51N/4bs/3PNV. Support.

  L: To direct the WB to create project plan to be included in the 2018 CT to study sustainability of WCN in the future. INTENT: To increase sustainability of the WCN. MKER: German Spiking Region. 59Y*/55N/1bs/2PNV. Support.

  B: Establish rotation schedule for WCN that holds WCN outside of the US every third convention. INTENT: Make WCN more sustainable. MKER: Costa Rica Region. 49Y*/61N/1bs/5PNV. NOT in support.

  BN: To create workgroup who shall develop methodology to assess the progress of NWS since the creation of single unified board s result of World Services Inventory conducted in the mid-late 1990's. INTENT: s worldwide fellowship, we need to occasionally examine the performance of NWS in order for the relationship of the worldwide fellowship and NWS to remain focused and on course. This performance appraisal to be made by the worldwide fellowship appears to be overdue. This project will undoubtedly honor the theme of WSC2016: Honesty, Trust, & Goodwill, thereby fostering unity & our common welfare which is in keeping with values & ideals alluded to our First Tradition. MKER: Wisconsin Region. 56Y*/55N/3bs/2PNV: Lack of support.

We then circled up to close with our Third Step Prayer. The 33rd WSC of N is now for the books.

*Indicates how WNIR's RD team voted.


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