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Day 6 at WSC - by George BH - AD

World Service Conference 2016

Regional Delegate Blog

Day6: April29, 2016


Sorry for the late posting for this blog but yesterday was a very long day.  We started at 9:00am and went until about 1:15am this morning.  Trying to recap everything that happened would be almost impossible but there were highlights that are worth blogging about here.

The most powerful thing that happened yesterday was the seating of three new Brazil Regions: Grand Sao Paulo, HOW Region and Rio de Janeiro.  These motions passed all with overwhelming support of more than 110 regions voting in the affirmative.  There were no regions who spoke against the seating of these regions.


The other business that happened successfully yesterday was the overwhelming approval of the project plans for Recovery Literature, Service Tools, Collaboration in Service, The Future of the WSC, Fellowship Development and Public Relations, and Social Media as a PR Tool.  These all passed with more than 116 votes in the affirmative. We also approved the budget for the upcoming Fiscal cycle.

Zonal Seating and the Future of the WSC was a HUGE topic of conversation and there was a motion by the Greece Region that passed 79 yes, 40 No, 2 Abstain, and 5 Present Not Voting for all of us to go back to our regions to discuss through workshop the questions: “What does your region think and feel about zonal representation?”  This will be one of the topics Bonner and I will be discussing with Washington Northern Idaho in the upcoming cycle.  Our Zone is Western States that spans from Alaska to New Mexico.

The other items that got affirmative support from the Conference Participants all had to do with processes.  There were 5 separate motions that essentially did same or similar things.  One was made by your delegate team.  These motions had overwhelming support in principle and were “bundled” together to be considered by the World Board.  What the purpose of them is to do away with an old, antiquated way of doing business that essential requires the body to consider business like CAR motions and Budget motions twice: once in a discussion session utilizing Consensus Based Decision Making and then again in a session that uses Robert Rules of Order (RRO). During these sessions those with a swift understanding of how to abuse RRO can take control of the body and hold up the work of the business. The conference is changing to a much more deliberative and discussion based body that has out grown the use of RRO for “Formal” business, much in the same way that our region WNIR out grew this 14 years ago.

The last thing that happened last night also had to do with RRO. We still had 11 motions left to discuss at 1:15am when the Wisconsin Delegate made a “Motion to Adjourn” thinking that wording would bring us back to business this morning to finish up.  Unfortunately, a motion to adjourn (which passed by simple majority) means that business is COMPLETE and the business session was adjourned. There will be some very surprised delegates this morning and More Will Be Revealed.


George B-H, AD WNIR

Bonner S., RD WNIR


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