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WSC RD blog Day4: Apr27

World Service Conference

Regional Delegate Blog

Day4: Apr27, 2016

Being a bit more rested this morning proved to be a great thing today. Since one entire day was eliminated and we have a very full schedule we were playing catch up. More will be revealed about Thursday’s schedule. We first met in the risers for the first of hopefully three entire sessions devoted to the Future of the WSC. World Board member Mary B started the presentation.


Some notes from it:

Future of the WSC:

Been discussion seating for 30 years. CAR has highlights of last 20, but the history goes back further
We want to be more functioning, inclusive conference. This presentation is 24 hours late, because we took days doing Old Business, and that seems wrong. (Pictures (Jimmy K) from 1983, and a story about Texas showing up and getting to get to vote) Ireland the same way. Texas was angry, because they weren’t even a region yet, so they formed in 6 month, and were back in 1984 and asked to be seated. Now there are 5 regions from Texas. That was the last conference Jimmy K addressed the Conference (1983) It was a small conference 40-50 people, in a small room in Santa Monica. We were self-funded and had effective communication. Some committee’s chairs couldn’t make it, because of money.

The funding was protected by separated entities. Mary B is presenting conference and she was a committee chair in those days somewhat due to that she could fund herself. In 1985 was the first time we had delegates from outside the USA, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Canada, England, maybe others. It was wonderful as we got a global perspective.

One of the issues in the 1985 was from UK and Ireland was they had problems with the English version of the Basic Text.

How can we help financing worldwide participation was an issue in 1985, and continues to be. We always have struggled with finances. We want them here, but can we afford them Mary was the chair for the International Committee. They split up the world and tried to represent. The conference has made many decisions rom the heart and didn’t consider the finances. We seem to be a victim of our success. Personally, I believe we have we missed looking at changes. I believe it’s time for the regions to look if they still have the same representation. They are Regions here that may only represent only a few meetings. We could use those funds that we spend here at the conference to help local fellow development. Some Regions have very limited services. I live in a region that needs some review. The regions need to inventory themselves to see if maybe they could recombine or merge. We had several meetings last conferences about having more effective processes. The last two days have been a disaster (my word). Last cycle we had many who thought zonal or some type of zonal seating may work. Some thought they were led to that type of thinking.

All of us need to come together and provide to input to be coming to decisions to become more effective. We need to look at options for change. We will poll and have breakout sessions, to help us take ideas back to our regions. This all will be discussion, we will not be making decisions here at the conference. Back in early days we had 45 seated regions and 6 outside of the US, and today we have 112 and 45 outside the US

Arnie WB member speaking now. As we looks at the pictures from 1983 his thoughts go from the gratitude of the people who set this all up for this to how far we all have come. He wonders how they did that. I wonder what the WSC will look like in 30 years. Lives are hanging the balance of what we do here. We have been talking about this for decades, all of us.

The greatest challenges of an organizations don’t come from their failures, but from their successes. We have no strategy to how to process what we have no and of course then we have none for when we keep growing.

At the last conference we had 194 AD/RD’s and today 232 and with the WB that makes 250,
We need to have broad, deep discussion, we have done over the last 2 days is an example of the challenge.
It’s not possible to have discussion, make decisions, or even hear from everyone in a group this size, and that’s why we will have breakout sessions. The conference cost $500,000 and more and more resources, and the more money we spend here, the less we have to carry the message for NA. We are trying to cut costs with staff and one board meeting less, only 7 over 2 years instead of 8. In 2014 Discussed options for a possibilities of a sustainable effective conference.
We look at needs No decisions made, but common ideas surfaced towards some kind of Zonal Seating.
Planning Our Future workgroup studied the issue and information from WSC 2014.
It may have been a surprise, and even a bigger surprise for those back home, and communicating the ideas would be very tough. We realeased info on the Roles of Zones, The future of the WSC, and visual aides They came up with 3 questions. Do you agree with the WSC discussion results that seemed to favor some form of Zonal Seating?
Would another form of seating be better—State/Nation/Province? Something else?
What can we do to ensure an effective and sustainable WSC in the future?
The Delegates will make these decisions and one may to do nothing
Straw Poll# 1 who has had these conversations with their region?
Press# 1 if you have
Press# # 2 if you have not

82 for #1 -29 for #2. I pressed #1 since we did the Future of WSC videos during the CAR workshops.

Straw Poll # 2 Which option seems most appealing to your region or you?
1. No change—20—18%
2. No change in representation—22—20%
3. Zonal Seating—45—41%
4. Some other basis for change in representation—22—20%

I voted 3 based on discussions in CAR workshops. We will have breakout sessions based on how you voted.
We may combine 2 and 3 somehow
These all will be discussion, no decisions will be made.
Session 2: Tables designed for each option receiving 20% or more support. Sit with others who chose the same option. Results from discussions will be posted for gallery work
Session 3: Shaped by discussions in session 2. Saturday’s Moving Forward Session will provide the opportunity to debrief and provide some direction for the cycle ahead.

We then had a short break before a presentation on the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (FIPT) which started @ 11am and went until 1pm.

Some notes from it:

Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust & Literature Discussion

Illicit literature/gray books
Registering group’s w/ NAWS that use non NA approved literature
Area/regions posting recovery literature

Offer background
Consider a few questions
Frame a foundation

Illicit Literature

3rd Edition revised = language from 2nd
Places NA service structure outside of NA
Never approved

Guidance from the FIPT

Production@ use of such versions
Conflicts with Fellowship’s conscience Violates the Fellowship’s copyright

Personal use of NA literature by members include
Modifying SWG questions for personal use bringing an old edition to a step study

There has been much pain in the fellowship on this issue including a lawsuit

Communication with the fellowship
Two Bulletins available at NA.org/FIPT
Asked for help from the fellowship to end this behavior

This will only stop with help from members without any kind of violence or anything close
We don’t feel a lawsuit will serve any purpose
No cease or desist letter, lawsuit or threat of has done anything only the members can stop
Not suggesting that any member should be threatened verbally or physically, but there has to be something that the fellowship can stop.
WSC 2008: Approved 6th Edition
The 6th Edition of the BT is the only edition approved for NAWS production

Standing by the Fellowship’s Conscience
Conscience has been consistent with the FIPT
There continue to be those who defy the guidance of the FIPT
Such actions are in direct conflict with

Group Registration & Gray Form
NAWS encourages, but does not require groups to register
With or without registration, NA groups may use NA’s intellectual property
Inclusion the meeting directory motivates many to register their groups
On average, we process 170 group registrations each month
The Gray Group and others have specifically noted they intend to use the Gray book when registering.
One of the base criteria for being an NA group is to use NA literature.
There are 3 Gray Group meetings registrations that have been help until we get guidance form the fellowship
The WSC has been clear on the FIPT, but we want to get clarification

ASC/RSC posting recovery literature
Duplication—paper of digital—not permitted
We routinely ask ASC’s and RSC to remove posted literature
Some ignored
We don’t want to be in a position of shutting down fellowship websites
We need to know if you want us to shut them down.
One example—treatment center use
Book length pieces
The dilemma posed by legal recourse



#1: Do we believe that the Fellowship still affirms the rules we have agreed on in the FIPT?

96-5-we answered yes

#2: Should we register and list on the meeting locator, NA groups that clearly intend to use material that is not NA fellowship approved?

28-78-I was personally torn here but voted no after getting with AD

#3: Should we take action to remove NA recovery literature from ASC/RSC sites, even if it means shutting down the site (this may require ongoing action if a new site is created)

75-31-we voted yes, but in the hope they would open them back up without the literature.

These polls were not to build a foundation for binding action, but to build a framework for future discussion.

As is traditional at the WSC one afternoon is spent fellowshipping/breaking bread/getting to know one another better. In the past we all would be bussed to a nearby “ranch” where we were treated to a family style lunch then ice cream, futbol for the Latin American delegates & volleyball for others as well. This was estimated to co$t NAWS $22K for this. Alternate Delegates had to pay go which I did in 2014 which set me back $26. THIS YEAR, however, since the co$t of transporting us went up astronomically NAWS opted to do a day in the public park immediately behind the Marriott hotel, with 5food trucks which were all self-pay. I had a turkey tomato mozzarella crepe & a dulce de leche crepe: $15.

Good food. Good company. Good times, indeed. <3

We reconvened at 6pm in the risers once again for the NAWS report. Here are some notes from it as well:

NAWS Report: Foundational Principles: The basic purpose of our WS is communication, coordination, and guidance

The reality is that NAWS is a global enterprise, it can’t be exactly like a region

We ask for memorabilia from events to be placed at WSO. Please send more from big events, and more pictures. We use them for videos.

Goal: To ensure a reliable flow of literature

Navigate customs, duties, and politics, requires a variety of local agreements

We take resources and apply them to things that don’t make business sense to carry the message.

Roughly 35% of NA literature is distributed through RSO’s. We regularly review literature distribution

We evaluate the data and continuously seek to improve our system. The circumstances and needs of each
community are unique. We go the extra mile and do what we have to do to get literature to addicts who need it

Tradition 9: Applies to RSO’s even if they are incorporated. No such thing as an autonomous service corporation

A legal document from a government doesn’t relieve you from a spiritual responsibility to NA. We may create a pamphlet to deal with this issue. We all are accountable to somebody.

Distribution Centers in Canada, Belgium, Iran(they distribute as much literature as the rest combines), and India

We support the regions and zones

At some point NAWS realized they couldn’t do everything and be everywhere, and the fellowship started to cooperate with us to do that, we have attended most of the zonal forums

We have worked to help with strategic planning. IP#1 is very important all over the world.

Doing PR in Argentina or H & I in Brazil for the first time.

We gave a standing ovation to the staff of NA

NA Way magazine
Reaching Out

WSC related publications
Conference Report

Trying to move all periodicals towards electronic books and make that more attractive and more smart phone Apps

We ask people to re-subscribe to get paper to make sure that’s really what they want and that they are still receiving


NAWS News-26, 454
NA WAY-13546
Reaching Out-22251

BT 14601
Living Clean 6594
It works 7826

Smart Phone Apps
NA meeting search 300,000
NA recovery Companion 2174
Auto call Sponsor

IT technology
Support the Conference
Publication Company
We are not state of the art, we try and remain pretty conservative to not be the test of beta.

We are in a total review of all software including accounting.

New virtual shopping cart also

Web Meetings
Virtual Work Groups

We ask for suggestions to improve

Translations needs and resources are way up

IP#1 in Zulu and Cree
BT in Swahili published in Feb 2016
Intro Guide in Chinese
Original stories from South Africa submitted

Literature Translations made up of committed members who are native speakers

New items in Polish, Lithuanian, Farsi, Norwegian, Icelandic, Korean

IP#1 Estonian, Amharic

People are all over world celebrate when they get the literature in their language. Very few have all the literature.

WCNA 36 Rio De Janero, Brazil

The Brazilian support team was one of the hardest working teams in a difficult situation and if not a bad financial situation would have been much worst

We had 3 companies not do what they promised, the economy went way down before the convention. We will be careful

The convention lost $ 384, 710

Implications for WCNA 38 in 2021

Logistical planning is very complicated

Impossible to predict geo-politics
Economic forecast offer no assurances
International events with a degree of uncertainty

We hope to make WCNA 38 accessible to Iran

Contingency plans may help avoid surprises.

We are looking for alternatives, because of the political situation and will have to make a decision soon.

Business Plan Work Group

A resource to the Executive Management & WB

Focuses on the business activities of NAWS

There are slowing revenue in certain areas that are trending

Finances are a balancing act

We have to keep reserves high because of all the uncertainty so we can keep providing services during those times

Some of our fellowship has sent literature into developing countries, and they have asked them to stop, because they are trying to be self-supporting

Global Context

Exchange rates and other economic realities

Rupees, Reals, and Euros
Don’t go as far when the US Dollar is strong (40% higher in some cases)

One example is that 1 dollar is currently worth 131 Reals and just a little while ago it was worth 9000

Well established NA communities help make recovery possible where resources are scarce.

$ 158.01 Dollars needed from each meeting US/Canada to cover the cost of fellowship services, solely from contributions. $ 30.49 Actual dollars received per meeting in US/Canada

Contributions last year $ 1,038, 625

Projects, Workgroups. & IDT’s

2010—project plan ask to be developed
2011-Literature survey showed Traditions book highly desired
2012—project plan adopted
2012-2014—Front end Input gathered(wriiten input, recordings, work sheets, 20 + US states and 13+ countries)
2014-2016—review and input

Service System
Implementers Shared experience through web meetings
Gathered input on current application
Held webinars to introduce SSP

Work Groups (most virtually)

WSC Decision Making
Planning Our Future
Delegates Sharing
WSC Seating

Some wanted face to face, sometimes electronic that are over 2 hours long not as effective as face to face

Wanted to thank those who worked so hard on work groups

The promise and peril of technology today

Perceived cost savings is extremely appealing
May appear to save resources, but often take much administrative time
Web meetings are no substitute for face to face

WB Internal Workshops

WCNA Program
WB Values
Framing Seating Discussions

Fellowship IDT’s

Welcoming all Members
Group Support
Role of Zones

Strategic and Project Plans

We want partner with regions for a collaborative approach to Strategic Planning

The WB and WSC are a partnership

A plan developed together
Results that inspires

The WSC supplies the place

Strategic Planning process

Early 2017 environmental scan—RD’s input the scan

Late 2017—RD input on plan draft

RBZ Candidates

Diverse final state reflects serious deliberations

Needed skills & abilities
Business acumen
Geographic diversity

This roster does NOT represent

The results of a popularity contest
A list of only qualified member
A statement about other nominees

We want to see if this is a good process.

We want to see if the blind process is something that flies in the face of what we are trying to do.

The RBZ process was developed to identify needs and find people to fit those needs,

We asked the regions to create a process they would like to have to share with us.

Conference Participant Discussion Board

Concerns, discussions, Car Motion
Consideration of view ability
Low participating rates
Ground rules—unity, mutual respect

The CAR survey for literature development has been passed out

Book length recovery material

There seems to be a difference between the regional and membership response
We seem to want meditation books om a spiritual principle a day and another on living clean

On booklet-pamphlet material

Right along with motion 3 that seems to indicate a Mental Health

Service Materials

Group service Tools
Local/Area tools/tool box

Atmosphere of recovery in Service
How to use “Guiding Principles”
Applying our principles to technology and social

We appreciate the Japanese Fellowship for help in periodical development.

We broke from the NAWS report following a Q&A session at 9:30. THEN we had our Zonal Forum meetings. Ours, the Western States Zonal Forum consisting of 13regions in the Western US, met in a conference room on the 2nd floor of the hotel. We met until 11pm. Main item on topic: Our WSZF mtg next February in Phoenix, initial itinerary, hotel & costs of it, and NAWS participation in it.   MWBR. Other topics included an update on the California Regions Collaboration efforts, WSZF guidelines, & the future of our Zonal Forum.

Tomorrow, now today, promises to be full from 9am until 9pm at least. I submitted my New Business proposal about updating the Living Clean: The Journey Continues with a subject and a spiritual principle index. The deadlines for New Business proposals was @ 6pm last night.

Good night & blessings all.

In loving Service:

Bonner S, RD

George B-H, AD


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