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WSC Regional Delegate Blog Day3

Regional Delegate World Conference Blog

Day3: April26, 2016

The day started at 9am sharp with most of the Delegate teams & Conference Participants dragging their tootsies from the long night before. We moved straight into Formal Old Business which should have taken 1 1/2hrs (Formal OB in 2014) but several motions hadnt been dispensed with the day prior yet in Old Business Discussion. So we slogged through them all UNTIL 5:30pm. We missed the entire day of planned presentations/workshops today due to not completing Formal OB on Monday. We were able to have our Human Resource Panel Report tonight after supper.


We immediately hit hurdles in approving Motions 15-17 which had to do with WSC Rules of Order. But eventually approved all three of those.

Motion18 to approve the WSC2014 minutes went smoothly with 108Y/0N/2Abs/2PNV.

Motion1 to approve the new book: Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions needed 2/3 approval which passed easily 110Y/1N/1Abs/0PNV. We have a new Fellowship Approved piece of book-length literature! yippy. If past approval processes are any indication we should have the Traditions Book for sale by/at PNWCNA.

Motion2 had the three intents split into 3 separate motions. All passed w/ 2/3 approval since they all dealt with policy changes. Motion 2A: 104/8N/0Abs/0PNV, 2B: 106Y/6N/0Abs/0PNV, and 2C: 112Y/0N/0Abs/0PNV. (See, we can agree on some things!)

Motion3 required merely a simple majority yet raked in 80%+ support 93Y/17N/1Abs/0PNV. We will have a project plan to vote on at WSC2018 for a new IP on Mental Health & Recovery.

Motion4 pertaining to posting World Board minutes online: 29Y/79N/0Abs/2PNV

Motion5 pertaining to World Convention financial reporting line item vs. summary: 34Y/76N/1Abs/0PNV.

Motion6 about the World Board meetings open to members failed: 51Y/58N/0Abs/2PNV.

Motion7 about having the WSC Participants Discussion Board open to all to view was not brought forward by its maker due to lack of support during OB Discussion the day prior. Yet, another Region wished to introduce it as their own, which they were permitted to do. Parliamentary process & procedure bogged us down for about 2hrs on this motion.  We finally agreed to dispense with any further discussion during Formal OB to hasten the process. Ultimately, it failed 59Y/50N/1Abs/1PNV.

Motion8 pertaining to a cheap English version Basic Text failed w/ only 14Y/95N/1Abs/1PNV.

Motions9 & 10 both failed to move to a vote due to not being seconded on the WSC floor.

Motion11 became somewhat contentious, though, since parliamentary process & procedure ruled here as well.  It initially failed. It was then amended to allow on a trial basis for one Conference in 2018. Our region instructed us to vote against this measure which we initially did.  It failed again. Then discussion was somehow re-introduced into the mix to allow a re-vote after an appeal by the RD from Greece. Since, this motion was significantly changed we opted to use our vote of confidence to change our region'€™s conscience on this & voted to approve the motion. It passed with 2/3 majority 72Y/29N/2Abs/4PNV. So in 2018 a Zonal Forum may pay to have one delegate seated at the WSC as a non-voting participant.

Motion12 pertained to the new "What is NA Service?" meeting reading card. It failed to meet its 2/3majority with 30Y/79N/1Abs/0PNV.

Motion13 about limiting World Board to having only one collective vote in New Business also failed to meet 2/3majority: 47Y/58N/3Abs/2PNV.

And finally, Motion14 which would have restricted the World Board from making motions/proposals at the WSC also failed 2/3majority: 16Y/91N/0Abs/1PNV.

We then broke for supper and reconvened at 7:30 for the Human Resources Panel Report.

Some notes from it:

Human Resource Panel Report

World Pool
HRP Blind Scoring
HRP Interview + Reference
Final HRP nominees
577 members in pool
Do you have a NA sponsor?
Go to meetings?
Those with 8 years clean
353 eligible
44 were interested in being considered
Then Blind Scoring used
The highest scores move forward
11 members came forward
Then Interviews
The Region Boards Zones candidates are brought forward and the same scoring process happens and then interview

No one interviews sponsors or life partners
Conducted 36 interviews and 2 reference checks for each candidate
Best candidates have global perspective
Complete, focused, and succinct responses to questions are important
Evaluations are based on
1. Skill
2. NA World experience
3. Overall NA recovery
4. Many others
Our job is to identify most qualified and consider diversity when all other factors are even.
Must get 60% to be elected to WB, and over 50% for other positions
Voting at the WSC
Many factors affect the elections outcome, including:
The nominee to seat ratio
The number of votes each CP gets

The WB was filled for the only time in 2012
Three separate Ballots
Human Resource Panel

You can vote for as many you like, you can reject as many as you like, and if you do not vote at all then that is a no vote
The World Pool has gone from 1000 members down to around 500 members
The HRP feels the process needs to be reviewed including the World Pool

A rather lengthy Q&A session ensued. Bonner asked whether the HRP had a review process in mind & whether or not it had been committed to a time frame. No to both questions.

Stay tuned as MWBR tomorrow!

Yours in loving Service:

Bonner S, RD

George B-H, AD


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