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WSC Day2 !

WSC Regional Delegate Blog

World Service Conference

Apr25, 2016: Day2

Aye yi yi, this day has been l-o-o-o-o-n-g what with being in Old Business Discussion starting @ 9am. We just literally started our 11th hour of deliberation a few minutes ago @ 8:30pm after a break for supper.


We first discussed and voted to approve WSC2014 minutes. Then spent 1 ½ hours discussing Motions 15-17 which set the parameters for Consensus Based Decision Making @ WSC. They all passed & were immediately put into play.

Discussion for approval of the Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions immediately followed. Eventual straw polling shows almost unanimous support w/ 111Yes/1No/OAb/0 PNV(Present Not Voting). This will move into Formal Old Business where it will most assuredly be approved!

Rather lengthy discussion on a follow-up amendment to change the word “practice” to “have” in regard to early other fellowship Tradition involvement drew out with initial support close to 50% yet finished with under 12% support.

Next up: Motion 2 was the motion made by the World Board regarding the size of, eliminating staggered terms, & limiting WB service to 2 LIFETIME 6yr terms as opposed to the current two consecutive terms with strong initial support, yet moving to 66Y/42N/0Abs/4PNV. Two subsequent amendments to split it into three separate motions were introduced and eventually agreed upon. Another one to resubmit it back to the World Board for clarification for the 2018CAR if those amendments failed was amended, too, but not needed since the amend-to-split passed. The three separate motions then sailed through w/ 85%, 89%, & 98% support!

Motion 3 on the Mental Health IP was supported w/ 94Y/17N/1Abs/0PNV.

Motion 4 on posting the World Board (WB) minutes being posted online did not garner enough support for consensus: 29Y/81N/0Abs/2PNV w/ us voting PNV on this per our divided regional conscience.

A subsequent amendment to create an easy sign up for members to automatically receive WB minutes also failed: 25Y/80No/2Abs/3PNV.

Motion5 to detail the World Convention finances line item vs. summary accounting as is done now, failed 39Y/72N/1Abs/0PNV

Motion6 to open up the WB meetings to members on a space available basis was evenly split 54Y/54N/3Abs/1PNV. I voted PNV on this as well per our regional conscience. More eventual discussion will ensue on this motion.

We broke for supper at 6:40 after being in Conference since 2pm without any breaks at this point.   We reconvened at 8:20pm.

To open up the Conference Participant Board on NA.org in Motion7 did not garner enough support for consensus but was close at 51Y/57N/3Abs/0NPV.

The motion to produce a much cheaper Basic Text in Motion8 failed 15Y/93N/1Abs/2PNV as did Motion9 which would direct the WB to post .pdf versions of all of our literature for free online with 8Y/103N/0Abs/0PNV.

Motion10 to hold the WSC2020 in Moscow also failed to garner consensus with 8Y/103N/1Abs/0PNV. Subsequent amendments to move the WSC outside the US also did not garner consensus support.

Motion11 to allow an un-seated delegate from a Zonal Forum to participate @ WSC as non-voting participant was initially failing 45Y/64N/2Abs/1PNV. The Delegates who were in support of this motion spoke very heartfelt-ly and with sincerity as to our purpose at the WSC & NA as whole. Subsequently, George & I decided to change our vote from NO to Present Not Voting due to the fact that the region voted 4Y/9N/6Abs on this motion. Yet your RD team felt that this would be the least offensive way for us to change our vote from affecting the final straw poll which was 60Y/49N/1Abs/1PNV. This will be further addressed in Formal Old Business.

A subsequent amendment to allow an un-seated Delegate to participate in WSC2018 as a voting participant at NAWS expense failed to garner consensus support: 26Y/82N/0Abs/4PNV.

Motion12 about the new “What is NA Service” meeting reading card hasn’t yet garnered enough support for consensus. There are four subsequent amendments to it: Proposal T being withdrawn from consideration by the RD for it being similar to the others. Proposal Q is very close: 55Y/53N/4Abs/0PNV. The final straw poll on it was 29Y/81N/2Abs/0PNV. The other amendments were withdrawn since they were all similar. The final straw poll on Motion12 was 20Y/91N/1Abs/0PNV

Motion13: to change voting procedure at WSC to World Board members to have one collective vote instead of the current up to 18. Initial straw poll was 41Y/63N/4Abs/4PNV. Formal Old Business will address this further as little to no movement happened with 41Y/65N/3Abs/3PNV.

And finally Motion14 is being addressed at 12:30am! The initial & final straw poll was 19Y/91N/0Abs/2PNV, which would have limited the World Board from motions or proposals at the WSC.

Holy cow. Whatta day! But we got through all of Old Business Discussion & will start into Formal Old Business at 9am.

As ever, stay tuned, as more will be revealed…

Good night & blessings to all!

Yours in Loving service:

Bonner S, RD



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