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CAR Workshop Updates

Hello All:

This is just a quick post regarding the three CAR workshops that the RD team has done since the release of the CAR in Nov2015.  We did our first one in the NE Quadrant in Spokane on Dec13 w/ 21 in attendance.  We presented one to the RSC Friday evening, Jan8, which was received well by them.  Then on Sunday, Jan10 we did yet another one in the NW Quadrant in Seattle where close to sixty attended from many areas such as

North Puget Sound, Everett, Pierce County, West Puget Sound, North Olympic Peninsula, and, of course, the Seattle Area, too.  We had an addict attending from Portland!   This workshop seemed to be received well, too. 

We will be traveling to the SE Quadrant in Walla Walla this Saturday, Jan16, then our final Quadrant Workshop in the SW Quad in Chehalis, Saturday, Jan17.  Stay tuned for more updates on those workshops and the upcoming workshops at Clean & Free 2016, Mar10-13.

PLZ let us know if you have ANY questions regarding contents on the CAR!


Bonner S, RD




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