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RD team report Q1, 2016


Regional Delegate Quarterly Report

Washington Northern Idaho Region

Dear Chosen Family:

Lots have transpired since October'€™s RSC. So let'€™s get to it.

It is now Conference Agenda Report AKA CAR time which means that the World Service Conference is drawing nigh. George & I are ready. Are you & your Area?

I attended our Regional Service Learning Days in Kennewick back in Nov6-7. Enjoyed the workshops, the fundraiser supper & especially Linda L'€™s Experience/Strength/Hope share oriented around NA service. That Saturday night, back in

Bremerton realizing that I had a rental car for the remainder of the weekend and remembering my desire to travel to EACH & EVERY ASC within the Region during my tenure as RD, I searched online to find the closest ASC held on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Southwest Washington Area won! I surprised them with my presence, offering nothing other than to observe their process. Continuing my ASC tour I ventured out to North Olympic Peninsula Area on Dec27 to promote the upcoming Quadrant CAR Workshops, then to South Puget Sound Area this past Sun, Jan3 to promote them there, too. I handed out CAR workshop flyers at both. As my tenure continues, don'€™t be surprised if I show up at your ASC. I will try to announce my arrival in advance, though. I have been asked by NOPA to conduct an Area Inventory for them, which I will most likely do in February after this cray-cray busy month ends!

George & I both traveled to the Northeast Area of NA to present our first CAR workshop in Spokane on Dec13 where 21 total were in attendance yet only 5 GSRs.‚ We thought that the presentation was a success even though we ran outta time on the last Regional Motions and had to present them with limited discussion.‚  I say successful because it gave us the knowledge that we indeed were ready to present all the workshops in each Quadrant and this Friday at RSC.

As most of you all are likely yet may not be aware, the CAR was released to the Fellowship on November24. It is available for download at www.NA.org/conference. This page on World'€™s website has many links to downloadable links including the approval draft of the long awaited Traditions Book, entitled Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions, a revised CAR2016 Tally Sheet, plus informational videos & Power Point Presentations with scripts for presenting CAR workshops or to just understand them better on one'€™s own. There is also a link to the Regional Report Form which needs to be completed/submitted to World Services by Feb15, so if you have not answered the questions that George e-blasted to all RCMs this past week, then CHOP-CHOP! We request that the answers be submitted back to us by Jan15.

The CAR contains 14motions total; two from the World Board and 12 presented by individual regions. Also in it are surveys on which upcoming NA literature the Fellowship wants NAWS to focus on next. There is also a Planning Our Future section with extensive data from the Role of Zones workshops. Tally sheets are presented in it for Area Tallies on the motions and the literature survey which will be distributed at all CAR workshops.

After RSC where we will conduct a CAR workshop Friday night, George & I will present them in the three remaining Quadrants by the third Sunday of January: NW Quadrant in Seattle on the 10th, SE Quadrant on Jan16 in Walla Walla, and the SW Quadrant in Chehalis, Jan17.‚  All of these workshops and flyers have been posted to our Regional website: www.WNIRNA.org. ‚ A final CAR workshop will be presented during Clean & Free the 2nd weekend of March. Also that weekend we will be presenting items contained in the CAT or Conference Approval Track in yet another workshop which will have results from Decision Making at the WSC, a workgroup formed after WSC2014 along with the Strategic Plan for NAWS where we will begin garnering a conscience on the CAT. Finally, we are working on & plan to present a fun interactive workshop on the CAR based on the Jeopardy‚® trivia game!‚ Don'€™t forget that all responses have to be in the form of a question!! As ever, more will be revealed. We whole-heartedly thank Kia, as Programming Chair, for arranging our workshop time slots during C&F!

After attending the workshops you & your area'€™s GSRs should be ready to present the CAR'€™s contents to your respective Areas & their Home Groups. You all will have just under 3months to gather the individual Group Consciences onto the Area tally sheets and bring them to April'€™s RSC where we will form the regional conscience to take to WSC2016.‚  Please stress to your GSRs the importance of their service position in the formulation of a Fellowship-wide conscience during this time!

In a related issue, the World Board was tasked with compiling a PR pamphlet providing information for professionals regarding the medicalization of addiction treatment and the NA Third Tradition which will be available by Jan23 for a 90'€“day review by Conference participants. An e-blast will be sent to CPs when the pamphlet is ready.

George & I will both travel to San Francisco for the Western States Zonal Forum Jan29-31 where all RD'€™s from the Western states regions will gather to workshop various topics regarding Zonal collaboration and probable development of Zonal Services in the future as well as 9hrs of CAR/CAT/NAWS Updates from WB member Mark H and NAWS staff.

Be sure to follow our doings at both WSZF & WSC on the RD blog on the regional website as we will update it during both conferences.


Bonner S, Regional Delegate

George B-H, Regional Delegate Alternate


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