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Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship of people who suffer from the disease of addiction. We meet on a regular basis to help each other stay clean and share our experience, strength, and hope. If you think you might have a drug problem, please call one of the Area Helplines, or come to one of our meetings. If you are a professional seeking more information, please visit the NA World Services Resources for Professionals web page.

Service System Project - NA World Services

Latest IT Services Developments

What can IT Services offer your Area?
The IT Services Subcommittee has been hard at work and has a wide array of offerings to the Region. To see what we can offer your area and learn about the free tools that come with these methods, please click here to read the full article.

Updates / Announcements:

New Online Forms

The FSA Insurance Binder Request Form has been updated. It is now an online form located in the Forms & Resources page, which you navigate to from the left menu. If you would like to print this document, there is a link to get to the PDF within the online form itself.

Also available as online forms from the Forms & Resources page:
If you have any issues with any of these forms, please email the WNIRNA Webservant.

2012 Conference Agenda Reports / Car Workshops

The 2012 Conference Agenda Report is available for review. Please review this document to prepare for the CAR Workshop that will take place in your Area. Here is the Regional Delegate's Report with the upcoming CAR Workshop & Schedule. You may also view NA's 2009 - 2010 Membership Survey. If you're excited about it or not sure about what you are hearing in the Conference Agenda Report please take part in the following survey to express your opinions and give your delegates information to take to the floor of the World Service Conference. Online Survey. Password: WSC2012.

You may also review some more relevant information like the CAR Workshop Outline and the CAR Workshop. To all WNIR RCMs, please fill out the WSC 2012 Ballot and send it to the RD team @  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before the next RSC on April 13th & 14th, 2012. Thank you.


Update 110923

Welcome to the new site!

As you can see we've made many changes/enhancements. Please give us your feedback. You can now do this directly from the site, by going to the Contact Us page. Then click a title (bold) link to use our web-form or an email address link to use your email client.

Redirects for the old website pages are setup! But, if you're an Area Webservant in our Region or anyone else linked to this website, please update the links on your website!

The domain name wnirna.org now belongs to the region. If you type this in your browser, it will take you to this website. We have now transitioned to this domain name as of 11-03-2011, so please remember to update your Icon Area Website & Favorites/Bookmarks. The region still owns wnir-na.org but this domain will expire 07-2012 and will still forward to the regional website until then. So, please make the changes to your Area Websites to the primary domain name wnirna.org before then. Thanks for your time and patience.

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