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Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fellowship of people who suffer from the disease of addiction. We meet on a regular basis to help each other stay clean and share our experience, strength, and hope. If you think you might have a drug problem, please call one of the Area Helplines, or come to one of our meetings. If you are a professional seeking more information, please visit the NA World Services Resources for Professionals web page.

Service System Project - NA World Services

Latest IT Services Developments

What can IT Services offer your Area?
The IT Services Subcommittee has been hard at work and has a wide array of offerings to the Region. To see what we can offer your area and learn about the free tools that come with these methods, please click here to read the full article.

Updates / Announcements:

Issue Discussion Topics & Recovery Literature Projects

This was sent to 2016WSC Participants on Oct17.  PLEASE utilize the literature project links for input to NAWS on upcoming literature...
Bonner S, RD

IDT: Coming soon to a website near you€¦. NAWS & the World Board working on finalizing the Issue Discussion Topic material for this cycle and will post session outlines and PowerPoints at www.na.org/idt when they are finalized. The topics this cycle are

  • applying our principles to technology and social media
  • the second bullet point of our vision statement and atmosphere of recovery
  • an introduction to our new book Guiding Principles

Recovery Literature Projects: We are collecting input to help shape two recovery literature projects that will be included in the project plans for consideration at WSC 2018. One is a meditation book and another is an IP on recovery and mental illness/mental health. We have posted webpages for each project with input questions online to fill out and downloadable forms you can use for your local workshops. Please spread the word to any interested addict. More voices means better literature.

Mediation book page: www.na.org/meditationbook 

Mental illness/mental health IP page: www.na.org/mhmi


The new Traditions book, Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions is NOW available from NAWS

Just a heads up that NAWS has published the new Traditions book after a 6yr+ process since its inception!  It is now avail for purchase from www.NA.org.  $11 per book, or $264/Hard Cover case-24ct or $440/Soft Cover‚  Case-40count + S&H.‚  GOTO:‚  http://na.org/?ID=OrderLiteratureOnline-NAW to order.

Bonner S, RD


RSC Guidelines Updated

RSC Guidelines have been updated on the Service Guidelines page.


New Online Forms System

Hi folks, we just launched the new Online Forms system. You will still access the online forms from the Forms & Resources page. Instead of individual form links, as listed previously, you will be linked to a Portal Page that houses the Online Forms now.

The online forms we currently have are:

Yours in service,
Chris L.
IT Services Webservant


PNWCNA XXXIX Online Reg Open

PNWCNA XXXIX Online Registration is now open starting May 16th, 2016. Please use the C&E Registration link on the left menu to access the C&E Registration site or go there directly here: wnirna-reg.org


FINAL DAY of WSC RD blog, Apr30, 2016

World Service Conference

Regional Delegate Blog

Dy7: pr30, 2016

Last day of the Conference started t 10m, which was much needed since we broke after 1m earlier that day. We met in the risers for our “Moving forward” session which took just under 3hrs to present and encompasses how we’re going to do just that: move forward to 2018 and beyond. N is not unlike very big and slow moving ocean liner that requires lots time to turn it.


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