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What can IT Services offer your Area?

The IT Services Subcommittee has been hard at work and has a wide array of offerings to the Region. The following are a few of the latest developments we have to offer our Areas...

Free Hosting for your Area

We now provide free hosting for all Areas to take advantage of. Any Area that wants to setup for hosting, please contact the IT Services Subcommittee to schedule the transfer of your site. There is a process we will discuss with your web servant before we begin transfer.

Content Management System (CMS) as your Area Website

If an Area is interested in having a Content Management System (CMS) setup as your Website, we have a CMS Template that is readily available to install as your site. Running a CMS website makes it simple to manage a website for any member who does not have IT skills to manage a website. Any member can manage the CMS website and we also provide online training for anyone who would like to test it before installing. As solid example what a CMS website looks like, this Regional website is a prime example of what a CMS website looks like. Please see our Area Template Transfer List for examples of areas that are using our CMS website.

CMS Website Training Classes

If you are interested in learning how the CMS works, we have an online training class on Sunday, Feb 17 & 24th at 1 PM, 2013. Please send the IT Services Subcommittee an email if you would like to be a part of the training class. You must have a computer with access to the internet and a phone.

IT Services Subcommittee (Emergency) Conference Calling for RSC

The IT Services Subcommittee will have conference calling available starting April 2013. This conference call is only for Web Servants that cannot make it to All-Subs because of an emergency. This is not replacing our meeting but put in place for a limited amount of members who aren't able to make the meeting because of emergencies such as work, illness, last minute family emergencies, etc. We will send out the conference info before Region upon request. Please contact the IT Services Subcommittee prior to the start of the Regional IT Services Meeting with your request and we will send you a phone# and pin to connect to the meeting.

Help Line/Phone Line

We have a System available for any Area to use for their Help Line/Phone Line. This is a Free alternative to multi-line phone systems with up to 6 forwarding lines. We do have some Areas that has the System setup to handle all their Help Line calls. If your Area is interested please contact the IT Services Subcommittee for assistance with setting this up for your Area’s Help Line. For more information, please see our "Helpline Call System Free Alternative Getting Started (pdf)" document in our Forms & Resources section.

Adhoc Committee Meeting Tools

If you are on an Adhoc Committee we have some tools that may help with the Adhoc meetings. We can show you how to setup Conference calling and other tools to help your committee write or create guidelines so that your entire committee may be able to see your documents being edited or seen by all your Adhoc Committee members during the conference call. There is also a different format that needs to be followed while conducting an online Adhoc Meeting.

IT Services Presentations
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