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The 2016 Conference Agenda Report and the Traditions book approval form are online!

Greetings from NA World Services,


We have posted a lot of information to our website today. Many of you were also mailed copies of this material.

We have posted the 2016 Conference Agenda Report (CAR) at www.na.org/conference for free download and it is also available for sale at $15.00, including shipping, handling, and taxes. The order form for paper copies can be found on the Conference page. The online version is password protected; the user name is wsc2016, and the password is CP2016.

We are very excited to present the approval draft of Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions, as an addendum to this CAR. Thanks to all of the helpful input we received from the Fellowship, this draft literature has improved dramatically. We believe it will go a long way in helping members to discuss, understand, and practice the Twelve Traditions in NA, in service, and in our lives. Please note: the electronic file of the approval draft is a PDF that will expire 1 May 2016.

Sometime in the first week of December we will also be posting four videos of the CAR. These are narrated PowerPoints intended to help in the review of this document. We have posted other documents on the Conference page, many of them most relevant to delegates and alternates. We encourage anyone interested to visitwww.na.org.conference to see what is there.

We have also posted and mailed a large packet of information about planning the future of the WSC and the role of zones at www.na.org/future. This includes a PowerPoint and video about the current dilemma of the WSC, results from workshops held on the Role of Zones this Conference cycle, and a summary of information about each zone in NA today, as well as graphics we hope will bring some of the data to life. There is interesting information here so we encourage you to check it out.

We have also posted the November 2015 NAWS News and product update at www.na.org/nawsnews. We encourage you to check out the information and our new inventory items, including a Seventh Tradition box, keychain for the new laser etched medallions, and a Just for Today journal and 2016 calendar.

Thank you for allowing us to serve.

NA World Services


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